Jun. 3rd, 2013

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So I've been noticing that lots of people (online and IRL) are having really bad weeks/months. And normally I'm not a beacon of happiness by any means, but right now I'M GOING TO CHEER UP AND EMOTIONALLY SUPPORT THE FUCK OUT OF ALL Y'ALL.

  • Here's my first go to happy place: My red panda tag on tumblr. RED PANDAS FOR BEST ANIMAL. Includes sleeping red pandas! Red pandas in snow! PLAYING RED PANDAS. RED PANDASSSSSSSS.

  • If red pandas are not your flavor, please remember that quokkas exist.

  • Written Kitten! Big bangs are posting soon, and if you need to keep writing, GET A KITTEN OUT OF IT.

  • In case you forgot or something THE VERONICA MARS MOVIE IS GETTING MADE.

  • If you're feeling motivated enough to cook, My Fridge Food! Put in the food you have in your fridge and it will tell you what you can make for dinner!

  • Go take a shower. Sing in said shower to whatever your favorite guilty pleasure band/song/album is. Feeling clean is good, as is a shower opera! My favorite is always and forever the High School Musical soundtrack. (WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER, MOTHERFUCKERS.)

  • Need a compliment? (edit: apparently if you leave a comment i will also give you compliments and hugs and things i love about you.)

  • Here's my "things to remember" tag, which has a lot of things that I need to remember when I'm depressed or have a lot of anxiety.

  • Aaron Tveit singing We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. He's so charming and dreamy and SINGS SO GOOD. *____*

  • Want to learn something new? CodeAcademy will teach you how to code for free! (And has such a lovely interface to look at)

  • Lifehacker's How I Work series is always interesting and fun. If I'm feeling unproductive and unmotivated, I like to look at people who ARE productive/motivated and see how they get it done. (And maybe sometimes try to copy them.)

  • Here's one of my favorite wedding blogs to look at when I want to look at pretty things: Love and Lavender.

  • Get up and do a 20/10, courtesy of Unfuck Your Habitat. Moving will make you feel good! Clean things will make you feel good! And it's only 20 minutes! You can't even watch an episode of a half hour comedy on Netflix in 20 mins.

  • Do you hate being 22? So does Greg James. (I JUST LOVE HIM SO MUCH.)

  • Lin-Manuel Miranda sums up Facebook in lyrical form. (You should probably just follow him on Twitter no matter what; he's always perfect.)

  • And if all else fails, here's an hour of clips of Scenes from A Hat from Whose Line (and a casual reminder that they're rebooting that show for this summer!)

I love you all. And no matter what you're going through right now, I promise that you can do it. <3


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