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100 TV Shows (I've Seen At Least A Season Of)

So basically I wanted an excuse to talk about my Book 1 finale feels, and this seemed like the best excuse? But first, I want to talk about the show overall.
I watched the first two episodes of Legend of Korra before I had seen a single episode of Avatar. And given my limited knowledge of the verse that these characters were inhabiting, I feel like they did a really good job explaining things without being super expository. (Also I've come to figure out that Tenzin's intro in LoK is A BILLION times better than Katara's speech intro to A:tLA. I seriously can't sit through that shit any more. WE GET IT THE FIRE NATION ATTACKED AND YOU FOUND AANG NOW LET'S MOVE ON.) That being said, Korra is without a doubt a darker and more gritty version of Avatar. The animation is more detailed, the story is more dense, and the way that the characters experience emotion is more straight forward, rather than nuanced. And that can be seen as both good and bad. I think a lot of people like Avatar because on the surface it's a kids show, and it's meant to be enjoyed and digested and moved on from. But there are a lot of characterizations changes over the 3 seasons of Avatar that you can REALLY delve into, and there's a lot of thought that can be put into the story. Korra, in some ways, I think shows more of the emotions and characterizations rather than allowing the audience to discover them for themselves.
I adore Korra as a character. She's got a spirit and a life to her that is wonderful to watch. She's impulsive and impatient, but at the same time she can be thoughtful and composed when needed. She has some aspects of Aang that you can see in her, but she's also her own character, and consequently gets to tell her own story.
I fell really hard for the duo of Mako and Bolin, and I still love them, but probably not as much as I did when they first showed up. I love Mako's overprotective side (MAMA MAKO.) and Bolin's thoughtfulness. And Asami is my fucking queen, srsly.
And although the show is supposed to be centered around that core foursome (and possibly just the threesome of Korra/Mako/Bolin) I find myself always being drawn to the adults who surround them. Whether it's Tenzin or Lin (LIIIIIIN. UGH THE BEIFONGS ARE SO FLAWLESS I CANNOT EVEN.) or Tarrlok or Amon, I always seem to find myself wanting more of their story, as opposed to the kids. The kids have relationship drama that I don't really want to deal with in a fun kids show. I've always loathed love triangles (THE ANSWER IS ALWAYS THREESOME.) and the ones in Korra are no different.
I do like the more mysterious element that they've brought in to Korra. Because in Avatar, we knew who the bad guy was from the very beginning, and we learned his backstory and motivation in time. With Amon, they spent the whole season with a mysterious villain. We didn't know his real name and his real problem with the benders and there was this air of darkness to him that I really enjoyed.

Ultimately, I was disappointed in the finale. My original reaction was OMG AMAZEBALLS because I'm still floored by the animation, but I knew something was off, and it just took me a little time to figure out why. I'm really genuinely upset that they gave Korra her bending back so easily. Because it could have been a FASCINATING character arc to see her dealing with her bending loss. Disregarding the fact that apparently Korra completely validates herself by her bending (which I think is a valid point, but not to the extent that they played it out as), it would have been really interesting to see her getting more in touch with the spirit world, and to see the entire world dealing with an Avatar who can only air bend. (Which, btw, seems REALLY out of canon. How can she access that part when we know that airbending was the hardest for her to master in the first place? Isn't all forms of bending somewhat connected by the Avatar, and therefore why was it JUST her airbending? SO MANY QUESTIONS, SO LITTLE ANSWERS.) Instead, Korra just gets her bending back with nothing to show for it except a little crying. I just think there were 75 BILLION options of paths you could have taken with Korra after she loses her bending, but giving it back to her so quickly was quite possibly the worst one of all. And giving Lin back her bending so quickly too COMPLETELY invalidated her fucking beautiful sacrifice. Ugh, just a bad move all around.
But of course, I'll be back for whenever Book 2 gets around to airing. Because while I'm disappointed with the finale, I'm always interested in seeing where this universe goes as a whole.


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