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100 TV Shows (I've Seen At Least A Season Of)

So since BB14 premieres tomorrow night, I figured it was a good time to talk about how much I fucking love this stupid reality show.
I like to think that I don't watch a lot of trash tv. I really hate shows that take you through "celebrity" lives, and I'm not generally a fan of reality shows that continue through a season. I have a weakness for self-contained reality shows. But for some reason, for the past 10 summers, Big Brother has been my absolute trash tv addiction, and I still have yet to figure out why.
In case you somehow didn't know, Big Brother is the reality show where they lock a bunch of people in a house with no outside contact, and record every second of every day in the house. They compete in contests to see who becomes Head of Household, who gets their own room and eventually has to put up two people for eviction. Then selected people (including the HoH and the nominees) compete for the Power of Veto, in order to veto one of the nominations. Alliances are formed. Floaters float through the house. People are backstabbed. Sassy things are said in the Diary Room; the only place they have true privacy in the house. You love and stan for some houseguests to win it all. You loathe some houseguests with every fiber of your being. It's addictive and I can't seem to get myself to stop.
I saw my first episode of Big Brother thanks to my "other mother", Chris. I was over at her house hanging with my best friend and she was watching an episode of BB4. I watched for like 5 mins, was super intrigued, but then went back to playing Yu-Gi-Oh or whatever the fuck with Nick. Then a few days later another episode was on, and I was hooked.
I think some of the appeal is that it's always a summer program (besides for the season during the writer's strike). And it airs 3 times a week. I'm always starved for programs to watch during the summer because all of my normal tv shows aren't on. And Big Brother is something that not only takes up 3 hours of tv watching time per week, I can also waste ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD analyzing the feeds! (I've never actually gotten the feeds, but there's always always ALWAYS discussion of them over at [livejournal.com profile] ontdbb.)
My favorite season will always and forever be BB7, aka All-Stars. SO GOOD. I've rewatched most seasons at least once, but I actually bought and downloaded all of BB7 off of iTunes because I love it that much. SO MUCH DRAMA, SO LITTLE TIME. ALSO, CHILLTOWN ALWAYS AND FOREVER.
So yes. My trash tv addiction is Big Brother. So be prepared for all the feels this summer, because the spoilers that have already come out about the twists for this season have me screaming in both rage and joy.

Date: 2012-07-12 09:33 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lyssmich.livejournal.com
YES. I am so ready for this. This is the first season I've had access to Big Brother After Dark too, so I'm pretty much not sleeping for the rest of the summer.

Big Brother 8 was my first season, and I was immediately hooked. That was back when live feed footage actually stayed up for more than five minutes on Youtube, too. I just jumped in head first and absorbed everything, the Eric/Jessica feels, the Evel Dick hatred. Oh the memories.

I'm glad to see you read spoilers and live feed stuff. I'll never understand why people willingly just watch the televised stuff. If BB has taught me anything, it's never trust reality show editing.

Since you're on the west coast do you have to wait, or do you get an east coast feed?

Date: 2012-07-12 11:57 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lesson-in-love.livejournal.com
OH GOD BBAD. The cause of my insomnia every damn summer, srsly.

I think BB is unique in the fact that you CAN have spoilers and live feeds. All of the other reality shows I can possibly think of don't have the possibility of knowing what's going to happen before the tv viewing audience. And I think that actually helps them grab more of an online fanbase. I rarely hear people talking about Survivor or American Idol or America's Got Talent online. But for the obsessive tv fan like we are, the feeds give us something to talk about ALL THE TIME, and for us to compare it to the edited tv version.

BB8 was such a good season to get started in omg, I'm jealous. I think the problem in recent years is that they're recruiting houseguests instead of just looking at the auditions. There was a lot more drama in previous seasons (like the EPIC Dick/Jen fights) than there have been lately, unless you're counting all the Rachel stuff.

I'll be waiting. I'm sure I could find an east coast feed, but that's actually generally when my family likes to eat dinner, and I would end up missing half the show (like I do for things like Suits and Teen Wolf, which come on earlier because we have DirecTV.)


Date: 2012-07-13 02:22 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lyssmich.livejournal.com
I think a plus with BB is also that it's happening in real time. Survivor and Amazing Race, even Biggest Loser are shot a few months in advance, so even if you do catch a spoiler, by the time it happens who cares? Plus, we've got something three days a week which isn't a luxury that fall and winter programs have. I JUST LOVE IT AND WISH IT WAS ON EVERY DAY.

Could you imagine if my first taste was that train wreck BB9? I mean, I loved that season and for all the wrong reasons, but if that were my first taste I can't say I would've continued. Then I would've missed the glory that was BB10.

I wish they'd not only let ''real people'' in, but stop forcing the twists all the time. It can be a perfectly enjoyable show without bringing old people back all the time. I wish they'd do either all new, or all returning. I must admit that I like the mentor idea, though.

I'm obviously not going to spoil anything, it's pretty close to Christmas. Not going to lie. IT'S BACK.

Date: 2012-07-13 11:47 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lesson-in-love.livejournal.com
I was actually just thinking about rewatching BB9 just for how trainwreck-tastic it is. And then rewatching BB10 for like a palette cleanser. :P

I'm warming up to the mentor idea! Originally I was pretty against it too; I just wanted a normal game of BB. Maybe a twist but definitely not bringing in old HGs like last year. I think it brings in an interesting aspect that we haven't seen. But yes, a plain old normal BB game without an recruits is necessary. WE'RE NOT THAT HARD TO PLEASE. JUST GIVE US THE SHOW.

Date: 2012-07-14 02:15 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lyssmich.livejournal.com
Haha, I was watching clips of it the other day. It was such a mess. BB10 could have been half as good as it was and still came out on top.

I hated the mentor idea at first, but then I heard the names Dan and Britney and suddenly hated it a little less. I'm just so glad there is no Rachel. There is no way I could handle a third summer of her, and I don't even totally hate her.


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