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100 TV Shows (I've Seen At Least A Season Of)

If I had to make a list of shows that have emotionally traumatized me, QaF would definitely be in the top 5. Maybe even in the top 3. GOD OKAY I THINK I HAVE TRUST ISSUES BECAUSE OF THIS SHOW. But if you've never seen it before, DO NOT let that scare you. This show is just 5 seasons of pure emotion, both good and bad.

I associate QaF with a weird time in my life. I first watched it under cover of darkness, at weird hours of the morning, while I was sick at home for almost 3 weeks during 8th grade. I had a sinus infection and bronchitis, and they tried to fix it with 4 different steroids, so I was overcome with depression and roid rage. The only thing that kept me sane was staying up until 4 or 5 am, watching this show. So I think rewatching QaF always sort of gets me back to that mindset of complete and total loneliness and angst. Definitely not as severe at back then, but definitely something to consider when I think about rewatching it again. (There's a random story that you really didn't need. :3)

Okay so, Queer as Folk. I have to say, I think the interesting thing about the characters is that I go through periods of loving and hating each and every single one of them. Legit, they all have at least one arc that makes me want to rage forever. But at the same time, all of them have multiple arcs where I love them and think that they are wonderful. And I think that adds a real human element to the show.

And for that reason, I don't think I really have a true favorite character. Like, I love Brian and his ridiculous ways, but I find it hard to give him empathy sometimes. He's a hard character to love at a lot of different points during the show and I think that's a reason why loving him can be really rewarding? Because when Brian Kinney does something good, you feel like you got a goddamn trophy or something. I also really love Justin because I feel like he was written wonderfully. I mean, technically he had to grow the fuck up really fast, and I can understand that completely. But at the same time, he's just a teenager. And he has these elements of him that are still impulsive and rash, just like a kid should. I adore the fuck out of Debbie and Vic and BEN. OMG BEN AND HIS SELF-DEPRECATING WAYS.

By the time I get to the end of Brian and Justin's relationship, I always feel like I've just ended a relationship. They are my OTP above all things in that show, and that will never change. THEY GIVE ME THE FEELS, OKAY. Because there's such a disconnect in the way that they live their lives in the first season or two. They don't ever really seem like they're on the same page, but Justin knows that there's something good. And then just as he's starting to break through Brian's shell in say, S3, it's just too much, and he goes off with Ethan. But it's not the same with Ethan. It's not the same in a "normal" relationship. He doesn't know how to cope when things aren't complicated as hell like they are with Brian. And then in S5, I just cry forever for their relationship because SO HAPPY and SO SAD. Ridiculous amount of feelings for S5, srsly. (Although S2 is probably my favorite.)

And what good part of the list would this be if I didn't mention the sex? Because really, it's Queer as Folk. You go into it for the sex, you come out with all of the emotions. I really appreciate shows where nudity is just a thing and not A THING. Like, oh it's a penis in the steam room. Okay. The sex scenes are really interesting to watch, I think mainly because of the lighting? Like, I want to have sex with the lighting in Brian's bedroom. And the funky colors and weird smoky texture to everything in the back rooms of Babylon? SO GOOD AND SO GROSS. (I fixate on weird things okay, you get used to it.) And I really like how NOBODY is exempt from the nudity. Because in real life, everybody is naked at some point during the day. Might as well not be any different on a tv show.


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