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100 TV Shows (I've Seen At Least A Season Of)

So for the week I was home for spring break, and the past few days that I've been home, I've been marathoning the fuck out of Gilmore Girls. I'm almost midway through S5 now, and knee deep into FEELS COUNTRY.

My version of FEELS COUNTRY in Gilmore Girls mainly consists of Luke and Lorelai's relationship. Because dear sweet jesus, I NEED THEM TOGETHER FOREVER. I just love their dynamic. Because Lorelai is fast-paced and like this sort of tornado of words that runs through your life and just keeps going. But at the same time she's determined and tough and has gone through more than I could ever dream of. And Luke is strong and steady, and always there when you need him. But he has a fiery temper that, once he gets going, it's impossible to keep him from raging everywhere and on everyone. But together they work and they click and HE MAKES THE BEST COFFEE IN TOWN. ;____; I honestly have never forgiven the writers for breaking them up in S7 (...and S7 in general, actually.) for fucking CHRISTOPHER. ALL OF MY ANGRY CHRISTOPHER FEELS.

I think what's really interesting about Gilmore Girls is that the main characters change and grow as characters fairly slowly? Like it's not this drastic shift that happens a lot with TV shows. But over time you can see the subtle ways which they change how they react and adapt to situations. The one arc that I really enjoy (and is sort of the opposite of the rest of the main characters), is the one between Lane and Mrs. Kim. It's just something that I find really interesting. From Mrs. Kim growing and accepting that her daughter isn't exactly the way that she pictured, to Lane adapting and gaining courage to tell her mom about not being that perfect daughter. As someone who has sort of come to terms with her parents expecting "perfection" and not being able to deliver (granted my parents were never that strict with anything), it's a really interesting and extreme take on the situation, and a really wonderful story to go through and watch change over the seasons.

Everybody has their opinions on Rory's relationships, and I guess I'm really not different. (Although I will say I basically throw Rory's characterization out the window after she sleeps with Dean for the first time.) Rory/Jess is my favorite of all her relationships. I think it's because Jess is something out of the ordinary and different. Because when we meet Rory, she's sort of mousey and unadventurous. And she's with Dean, who is sort of the epitome of a "perfect boyfriend". But Jess is someone who comes along and breaks her out of her shell. He tells her to break the rules and the boundaries that she's set up after so many years, and tells her that it's going to be okay. And then there's Logan, whom I just... I really have no opinions on Logan? There are times when I like him and Rory together, and there are other times when I hate them. But in the end, I don't think any of Rory's boyfriends where guys who she should have ended up with forever. I think she went off to do awesome and crazy journalistic things, and found someone in a random country who completed her a hell of a lot more than any of her high school or college boyfriends did.

Like, I'm sure I have thoughts about how charming and wonderful this show is, but my brain has basically been turned to mush because LUKE/LORELAI. SERIOUSLY. FUCK MY FEELS.


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