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100 TV Shows (I've Seen At Least A Season Of)

So I've got a confession when it comes to this show. I literally cannot get myself through the third season. IT JUST HURTS ME TOO MUCH, OKAY? I make it through about 3 episodes into S3 and just physically cannot go on. It's ridiculous. ANYWAYS.

I've always really loved the tale of Robin Hood. It's just a really fun and fanciful story that always has interested me. (It is also possibly where my undying love of ridiculously good fictional archers comes from? IDK BUT THAT LOVE WILL NEVER EVER GO AWAY.) Anyways, so when I heard that there was a BBC TV show version of the story out, and that it was really good, I was totally on that shit. That was around the beginning of S2, I believe? I always have to slowly creep my way through this show. It's not something I can marathon through and just lay around with my feelings all day. I seriously have to take it episode by episode, and slowly gather up the wonderful characters and their relationships over time.

I sort of ridiculously love the general feel for the show. It just feels green and lush and IDK, I guess I can feel the density of the forest? There are parts of the show that feel old. They feel as rich and as in depth as the original tale of Robin Hood itself. And then you have other aspects of the show (such as the relationships between Robin and the other Merry Men) that feel new and fresh and just leave you with a smile on your face. And I think the balance of the two is something that really stands out in this show. Because while it looks old and deep, it's still an almost updated version of the original story.

I really do adore everybody on the show. I probably like Robin more, mainly because he's the sassiest of them all. But there are a lot of really good characters (and they're all snarky!). You get Marion, who starts out as just a lady, but has SO MANY LAYERS and will KICK YOUR ASS. fjghslfjkghdsfghd so good. Much is your typical delightful hungry companion, but even in the first episode, when he flashes back to the war, you always see that the humor is a cover for all of his angst. The entire band of Merry Men is deliciously rich and full of character, especially Djaq, whom I just want to scream about from the rooftops because FIERCE POC LADY CHARACTER, HELLO. I also would like to scream about the Sheriff from the rooftops too, because UGH SUCH DELICIOUS AND CREEPY ANGST. THANK YOU, RICHARD ARMITAGE, I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO WATCH THE HOBBIT WITHOUT THINKING THAT THORIN SHOULD BE WANTING TO GET IT ON WITH LADY MARION. Um. Cough.

Obviously the OTP be-all end-all is Robin/Marion. And dear sweet jesus do I ship that shit. THOSE KIDS ARE JUST TOO GODDAMN PRECIOUS TOGETHER. I just... god. They sacrifice everything for each other at the drop of a hat, no questions asked. Even if it means they will get in trouble or be in pain, they just want to see the other one through, and THEY WERE CHILDHOOD FRIENDS OKAY. THEY HAVE HISTORY. (Aren't you really glad you made it this far into this post? WORD VOMIT IS COOL.) Robin/Much is a ridiculously perfect bromance too. Because even though Much isn't Robin's manservant anymore, he'll still go to battle for Robin all day, every day. And Robin is kind and wonderful to him, and just wants Much to be happy.

I'm once again in the process of getting through this show. Hopefully over the summer I'll be able to actually finish the damn thing, but IT'S SO HARD. No spoilers, but UGH. WHY.
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